Friday, April 10, 2009

Title: The Bakechochin
Media: Watercolor, Acrylic, Pen & Ink
Date: April 2008

About This Pieces:
“…of ghostly matters.”

I have been working on two projects back and forth over the many, many months. One is a collection of faerie tales and illustrations and the other is a compilation of spooky and scary stories and illustrations. More specifically, things that are...”Of Ghostly Matters!”


Japan is just chock full of ghosties. All manner of spectral spookies and spirits stalk the serene settings of Land of the Rising Sun. I should tell you, it is when the sun sets and night covers the beautiful homes and Japanese countryside you are likely to be in want of the company of friends and not alone in the dark, as these school children discover encountering a ghost called a Bakechochin, a nasty spirit of a sour and vengeful person condemned to reside in a lantern.
The Bakechochin has terrible glowing red eyes and a long tongue with which to ensnare the poor soul that lit the lantern and doom them to haunt that same said lantern together.
Just terrible I assure!
Mind my words my friends, if you are to lighting a strange lantern in those haunted areas of Japan; be sure to wear comfortable running shoes.

K.W. King