Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Are We?

Not one that be particularly fond of blowing my own horn, (though that gives one pause for a thought, if you’ve gone through the trouble of acquiring said horn why not play a merry tune upon it?), now as I were about to start with, I shall provide you with a bit of a bio about myself, this, by an accord with my wife. She stridently insisted, I reluctantly relented. “Make it good and short!” she said. Being of froward and rebellious character I may wax eloquent in part.I was born with a silver ink pen in my mouth.

My entire childhood I’ve know nothing but drawing and doodling, all before puberty, afterwards, and hence it were mostly doodling. In High School, I filled the margins of books and homework with elaborate illustrations and stared blankly at the teachers and the girlies. Fortune arrived at that point in time and I became a political and humor cartoonist with the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain. I maintained that occupation and sundry art related employments through art college as well, that being the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.

I‘ve had providence and kismet accompany my muse and I throughout my art career. I’ve received scholarship to F.S.U. for cartooning and Fine Art. I have congeries of newspaper editorial cartoonist awards and the akin hodgepodge recognitions for cartooning and illustration of national advertising ad campaigns. I have been in numerous magazines, book illustration and very prominent advertising agencies.Fortune, again, entertained herself on my behalf by introducing me to the late, great Will Eisner, who I corresponded with in letters. I have those papers cached away. In one letter he gave me the advice- “Thick lines m’boy! You need to draw thicker, heavier lines. A bit more weight to yer line quality”. Well, I paraphrased a bit, there’s been a bit of a passage of time since I’ve last cast my eyes on that letter.Still it’s in my Nature to be froward and rebellious. I’ve a thing for wispy, spidery delicate line-work, love you still Will!

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Lizz King is Kevin's side kick/wife that also loves to make Voodoo Dolls with my own patterns and designs, collage, assemblage, original paintings and together we are The Haunted Studio Under The Stairs.

Kevin King of the Haunted_Studio under the stairs is extremely happy to be the Artist's Choice Award 2007 Winner for Book Arts Best in Ebay.

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