Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Latin Themed Box

Some how the elements for this box came together bit by bit for a religious themed collage of fabric and other elements.

I felt the need to paint in this box, the wonderful wooden texture called to me and it ended up looking more like a traditional retablo.

In Latin America, the retablos are used as devotional images and most are multi-paneled creations. Likewise, many churches now use the retablo as an aesthetic and a nod to the rich Catholic tradition in Latin America.

Retablos are multi-colored and spiritual forms of folklore that recall different situations in which a particular saint or religious figure is remembered. For example, if a framer needs rain for his crops he might pray for rain. After the rain comes, a retablo might be created to give thanks to San Ysidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. He is "venerated for good weather, agricultural issues and prosperous crops". That figure would most likely be kept in the farmer's house. Each time rain was needed in the future, that farmer might pray in front of that retablo.

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Lizz K.

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