Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pavor Nocturnus By Kevin King

Tittle: Pavor Nocturnus
Media: Water Color, Pencil, Pen & Ink
Dimensions: 8" X 10"

Date of Work: May 2009

Pavor Nocturnus, my wan mistress, inimical an’ indifferent, Mother of the sultry an’ stygian moon in my most maddest of dreams.

The Incubus Empress of all that seethes, slithers and sneaks, all that crawls, clings and claws.
I duly give her her portion.
Terror be my tithe to see the mornin’ light.



  1. Beautiful!! I'm on your Etsy Dark Team, and just discovered your blog. I try to follow all my team members, so I can see everyones new creations!:)

  2. This one hunts me in a beautiful way. Love it!