Monday, November 16, 2009

cigars an' I, (me that be)

I profer a thought...
When a bit distrought
an' talent seems blocked

A swirling cigar plume
will quell that fretful fume


I don't want to hear they stink or they are bad fer ya....
treat yer-self once to a fine expensive cigar. Select one fer yer palate...mild, light, medium or a heavy bodied.
Robusto or Churchill, torpedo or lancero...finding the right shape an' color is for myself, I reckon, is as fulfilling as hunting for an expensive designer handbag, clutch or shoe...

But, once you have selected your smoke...set yourself under a moonlit night, with stars in the clear. Some classical music or an soundtrack you find dear...
play it softly so not to undo the night sounds you will hear...

and gently puff an' puff an' watch the faces, serpents and dragons twist and swirl up into the sky.

That is relaxing...and inspiring.

Yes, even women can smoke a cigar. I have shared many a nice smoke with Lizz.

And for God's Sake! DO NOT INHALE!


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