Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Faerie Magazine

Last November I decided I was going to sit down and write a poem and put a few illustrations together and submit it to the Faerie Magazine.

That I did. Sent the package in the mail and had forgotten about the submission.
I had not expected any response to the package until later this year and I set my mind that I will likely be rejected.

It were only a few weeks later into December that I received a phone call from the editor-in-chief telling me that they loved the work and were giving me a two page spread and the magazine would go to print the next day.

I have been a subscriber to the magazine for a few years and have loved it, looking forward to each edition to arrive.
There have been many great artists and writers, old and new, featured there over the years and I have admired their work in the field of fantasy art and fairy tales.

I waited and waited for the magazine to arrive and called the bookstores every week waiting for the new magazine to it the shelves. It is here!

I do hope everyone will get a chance to see it and let me know what they think of the illustrations and poem.

More importantly, I do hope everyone enjoys it. I had written for all you that love faerie tales, the great humor of language and a bit of whimsy.


All malapropisms, mispronunciations, mangliziations, misuses and murderizations of the English idiom by this fabliau of the author have been never been tested on Faeries, animals and especially Deadly Dergals.

Dergal [dur-gawl] noun- Little is known of Dergals except that they seem to be remarkably dangerous.

Fen Fergal the Dangerous Dergal

From the wild lands Hither, Whither and Whence
Up the road an’ beyond the Dappled Orchards an’ the Mumbly Fence

Lived our tales Fen Fergal, the Dangerous Dergal
A mean beastie an’ serpent, who’d pillage, stomp an’ burgle

It were Fen’s belief that her small heart weren’t to ‘ave bin so contentious an’ callous
Had she bin born’d, just slightly taller, or perhaps bin named Dorothy or Alice

O’ so many braverly men an’ moony knight
Tested Fen Fergal’s monsterously murderous might

Only to flee an’ fly home quite summarily an’ certificantly beaten
To light the Doomy candles, (it be the custom in these parts for those who’d bin eaten)

Ah, of Fen’s marrow disposition I think I’ve bin abundamentally clear
She weren’t the affectionate sort ever to be called Hunny-Bunny, Bobkins or Dear

It were a muggily mornin’ in the month of Mear
(A famously unknown month that only just occurred that one year)

Fen awoke in her dirkly, darkly, dungy old den
The thunderous night before, someone had boldly, creepily, crept in

The culprit an’ creepster, the sneakily sneakster, was snuggly snuggled asleep against her

Fen glared her grim an’ glary eye (a dreadfully look that once felled a Lark an’ two oxen stone dead)
For her victim were ‘bout to be stripped of their boldly bones for her breakfasty bread

As the intrepidly intrepid intruder so daringly, unwaryingly an’ uncaringly slept
Fen felt slightly strange an’ for the first time sobbingly slobber’d an’ girlishly, giggishly wept

Fleeing in fribbling an’ froaming fright is just not what occurred
Rather, the invader simply slept snuggly against Fen an’ purred

On that muggily mornin’ in the month of Mear
A contentious an’ callous heart became suddenly dear

Past the Dappled Orchards an’ the Mumbly Fence
Beyond the wild lands of Hither, Whither an’ Whence

In the humbly homes an’ happy hearths, of every happily humbled hamlet
The Doomy candles forevermore an’ evermore would nevermore be lit

For this Dangerous Dergal were no longer dangerous, she be quite lovingly smitten
Our Fen Fergal were now kindly an’ motherly of a wee kiddly, cuddly kitten


  1. Awe! If I ever am lucky enough to have a kitten/cat again, I shall name it Fen! *^_^*
    Congrats on the publication, too.

  2. HOLY COW!!

    You have a Alpaca!
    I have wanted one. A House Alpaca...I can use as foot-stool when I'm not hugging it all day.

    Anyways...thank you so much!
    a kitten named Fen...wonderful!


  3. Congratulations on the publication of this, Kevin~it's utterly charming!

  4. K, it is spectaculerous and I want it to adornerate my wall in a frame.

    Must-do, get Faerie mag for the full spreaderificness.

  5. I slappy mey hiphigh that you wroted the Year Mear so yor fortuneof whimsyiciousness is by-the-by near. Congrajewelation on yer ther magzi faer.

  6. ah you mistooken the worden chappynoodle!...gestickleit...and oh no I donie no near no condimentians -they be danger

  7. Congratulations! That's something I've been dreaming to do since childhood!! I'm so glad I found your work:)

  8. Oh! Congratulations! I've been reading Faerie Mag since it came out.