Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anniversary Post de novo

The anniversary photo in the early post-

It were an April's Fool joke a little early.
I am struck with a propensity for humor and nonsense. If I am not making someone laugh during the day I am obliged to give myself a great guffaw. Therefore it is a priori assumption that most of what I say is, in legal terms is- "a load".
I couldn't resist the practical joke.

It is true that my anniversary was indeed last month. The length of marriage stated was accurate...the photo IS NOT!

I had found the photo on the site;
Please take the time and look at the site! I find something new there all the time to make me laugh until it hurts. The site is hilarious!

The couple in the photo look so happy...God Bless them, they do!

I will post photos of my studio assistants-
This Pie and Princess. Pie, my boy, is in the foreground. Princess is looking at herself in the mirror. Typical.

Here is a view I often have when I am awakened from a nap by Pie. This again is my boy!



  1. Did ya think we wouldn't want to know ya Beastly? probably right there alright;)
    pretty birdies and green! I like green

  2. Zee Pie has zee attitude, no? And zee wee little Princess is a wee little cutie with zee brains to know it. All is right in zee world.

  3. Oh, Baggley Waggly! How clever you Eyelash is me favorite color, color of the bean a it were

    la Faeriecoop! Zere is attitude every zee-where in zee parrot coop!