Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Manager/spouse and Me

Well, since I've stirred the pot I might as well show some pictures the Haunted Studio Under the Stairs

This is me, as I prepare enter the studio in the proper frame of mind. That frame of mind is- I need another cigar.

At one rather organized area of my desks I naturally have a cigar at hand.

and lastly, I will be murdered most brutally by a machette for allowing this picture of manager/spouse to be revealed publically.
So, I photoshopped the horns and mustache off. This way it will be harder recognize manager/spouse.

I am so toast


  1. Good GAWD almighty she is SO freakin' UGLY!!;) And it's probably best we only see the back of your head..we can only take SO much you know!

  2. You are BURNT toast! Really fabulously LUCKY burnt toast with a cigar.

  3. Oh Baggley Waggly, yer are so rightly right!

    Faeriewary...on the contrary...I be a lucky with just a cigarary