Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coloring Toussaint the Teethy

I have finally completed the writing, revisions, re-revisions, editing and deleting the narrative poem for "Toussaint the Teethy"

Now, I shall tackle the coloring of the illustration.

The photograph here is the character Maggie Mubbin.
And here, I have started my base of watercolor and acrylics.

I very, very rarely work out color studies before coloring.
I have already "seen" the illustration complete in my head long before I have even penciled or inked the art.
Besides, the length of time I spend on inking and fretting over the placement of every line gives me plenty of time to mentally change any of the colors from how I had first "seen" it.

that rarely ever happens

Ah, maybe wondering what the illustration of the goblin thingie chasing the faerie thingie out of his velveteen baggie as sparrows flit overhead has to do with Maggie Mubbin or the poem "Toussaint the Teethy".

You would be right if you said- nothing.

THAT illustration is of two characters from a short story that I have been writing well before I was interrupted with Toussaint. Once I get Toussaint tucked away...I can return and finish the short story- "How Horriblie Bob became Fetchtail"


  1. bodacious mubbins that maggie has.

  2. I think Maggie Mubbins lives down the street from me. Great job, you.