Thursday, February 25, 2010

paper cuts, not the ones that bleed

The pictures here, these photos here are remarkably poor
I think they were taken in a matter a 3 seconds plus two more

I made these paper cuts maybe last year, I'm not quite sure...

The impetus:
I had been a guest at someone's house and I was very bored and in the kitchen I found an index card and scissors. Working around the edge of the index card I created a series of images.
IN this case it were witches I had scissored snaking about the card. I think I was at a party with a bunch of women. As I said, I was very bored....and as I was not allowed to have a cigar and there was no chocolate...I think that may explain the subject matter at the time.

Well, after returning home with the card in my pocket that led me to thinking of doing some paper cutting with silhouettes. I am a big fan of silhouettes.

I wanted to work with the color of the paper, negative space and silhouette.

I played around with some colored paper and just tackled some fairy-tale themes in my mind...of course the images were part of little stories I was writing.

I had no idea what I was going to do with the paper cuts when I was done with them.
I ended up just tossing them into some frames and there they hang on a wall.

I will get back to doing more with cut paper silhouettes at some point.

Currently, I am still working on the writing, editing and painting of the poem Toussaint the Teethy.



  1. while i am fabulously enamored of these paper cuts, i must cry out at the disparaging of witches here. The lack of cigars or chocolates sounds more like zealots. Your silhouettes of witches should have been of voluptuously flowing naked magical ladies. So there.
    the mermaid with a pointy hat.

  2. K, you insanely talented man! I would never have considered pairing your twisty turny style with the sharpness of paper cuts-- but they're gorgeous! You're selling them, right? Or using them as bribes? Or something?

    I esepecially love the lanterns. And the swan. I see why Manager-Spouse keeps you!

  3. These are very cool! I love this style too.Great effect when done right as you have done. I got your last comment & along with a bunch of others I HONESTLY pressed reject instead of publish I could have kicked myself! -just so as you know mister!

    Rainey ;)

  4. Oooh, K these would be so cool as night lights or lamp shades! Sorry, I know you don't need more work ;) I just can't help but think that your play with negative space and colors could also be combined with paper thickness and light...

  5. Thank you all

    Mermalade- my favorite witch was Witchiepoo from Sid & Marty Kroft's H.R. Pufnstuf, one sexy beast.

    Renee- Why, Thank you!

    CaraofDoom!- insane and talented is correct. Thanks for spotting that! I would like to get around to doing more paper cuts. Sell them? Why not! I am an ardent capitalist. I have to be...I like expensive cigars.

    The Outlaw Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood movie you loverly #@! Eyelash person from Eyeland)-
    Thank you! How dare you reject ANY thing I say or write! It be nuggets of GOLD! THe humor...priceless. It would be the ONE bright spot in that miserable day spent in the green rolling hills that swell into the distance under such blue skies decorated with soft white clouds floating over head like the downy feathers of cherubs.


  6. Yoli-
    Thank you...I just became a follower of your site. I don't know why. You sound very boring, dull...everybody is a retired fencer and loves parrots and bald men.


  7. Beautiful works! I think my favorite is the second from the top.

  8. I found you through Josie Baggley, I love these, I had a book as a child with illustrations like these I loved that too I wonder what happened to it. I am off to have a better look at your blog :-)