Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from doodle to inkle of Toussaint the Teethy

The ink illustration here is at the first stage of completion. The next step would be to labor over watercoloring and acrylic painting of the piece.

Sadly, often, I am not satisfied with the final colors and redo the entire illustration. It is a long process due to compulsive perfectionism and a gut-gnarling fear that the work is inferior.

But I am rescued from myself by manager/spouse. She uses a blowgun to put a blowdart in my neck. The wood splinter is poisoned with a thick mucus stolen from the lunch box of the tiny Ill-Proportioned Inconclusive Toad from the steamy jungles and soaring volcanoes and stepped stone temples of her homeland...Skull Island.
I wake days later from the poison, a strong laxative and sleep inducing toxin, and find that my art is gone-
Hidden from me. Therefore I know it complete.

The illustration is a scene from the narrative poem "Toussaint the Teethy" and includes Toussaint and the Witch Maggie Mubbin.

The poem is near completion...it too suffers from editing and reediting. However, the entire project, art and writing, should be completed by 6:32 a.m. next Friday, Indonesian time. I like setting goals for myself that are strict and global reaching.

I want to thank the friends and family who inspire me with their words. (Some get physical).
And, a special thanks to my three year old nephew who said to me the other day-
"sharks don't eat bunnies".



  1. Beastly! yor wurk nays infearwarrior, silly chappynoodle!I lurves T the T.
    I've a notion -you cud wear a toad repellurant neck shield..Iys can lend u such a thingymedoodle ,no problem.Hate toes toads I do.Drive me bad.
    Rainey not of the britches

  2. May the Gods speed ye along on said deadline, (I, too, employ Indonesian time) lest the dreaded Toad henchman shall find ye and drag thee from thy slumber to toil endlessly in their volcano-mines.

  3. So let me get this right:
    ManagerSpouse poisonifies you to pry your compulserated hands off the art, and you wake hours later in your laxitated leavings?
    Wow, she is some Woman.

  4. I love all of your doodles/drawings! This post is going to be featured in the EBSQ Friday Five. Check it out on Friday. http://blog.ebsqart.com


  5. Thank you Daydreamer - EBSQ is always wonderful.