Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spider Tales

Within the last week or so, I began a conversation with my fellow FAE, (Fantasy Artists of Etsy), team members about spiders. I mentioned that I am glad that spiders do NOT fly.

Can you imagine walking into a flock of flying spiders?

The conversation about spiders continued for a few days. During that time I imagined a story and some art.

I've made notes on the story. I'll finish it up soon. The fairy tale that I've come up with works well as an addition to some other work.

I have finished the inking of the illustration for the fairy tale.
At this stage the art in it's ink form looks sparse.
There is no contrast at this stage because I intend to use colors and patterns in my painting to layer the imgage and contrast light and dark values and lastly...mood.

I can't give you details on the story.
But, I can show you the art and let your imaginations roam the setting and characters.

I want to thank the FAE team members for inspiring me twice now for two tales and art. Unfortuneately, both diversions have taken me away from a short story I've been working on...I'll get back to it soon!

Here my friends...



  1. Tantalizing. Especially the Hindu headgear. Mayawanna see it finished- so stop napping, ok?

  2. This is quite interesting, K. It leads me down dimly lit roads in my head and I wonder what the real story is...I suppose I shall find that out soon enough.

    It did remind me, for a brief moment, of an enslaved Leia at the foot of Jaba. I have watch too much SW of 3 year old is obsessed.

  3. Reminds me of my childhood longing to live in a world of role playing game... can't wait to see it in colour!

    the word "flying spider" itself is already very inspiring!

  4. It Jaba'ded me, too, Gypsy. But combined with the flying spider reference, I'm sure I'm going to have SPIDERMARES tonight the size of Jaba. Thanks, Cruel-K!

  5. Ha! I get the Jabba reference. I started painting the art two days ago. I did not like it and tossed it. I am starting a new one.