Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new watercolor

I have finished this watercolor last night of a pen & ink illustration. The illustration is for a writing project that is in progress. Manager/spouse does not like when I post images that are for publication. Nor am I to speak of the writing projects either.

I never fall into the vices of the mumbo-jumbo logic and this so-called common sense that Manager/spouse continues to throw at me. I am way above that, like in the clouds. But, I'm not here to talk about Manager/spouse or murder or even how I just now ate a whole can of Creme de Pirouline chocolate hazelnut wafers that was hid from me. I am here to talk about my art.

here it is


  1. Your manager/spouse is very wise, but I'm glad the wafers went to your head and gave you the courage to post without permission. Your new watercolor is spectacular! Very intriguing scene. I cannot wait to one day read the writing that belongs to it!

  2. Methinks you should perhaps not have shown M/S where to find this blog. Business is business, but cookies are something else again.
    I love the details on the bag! Do you use any gouache or white ink, or do you get all your highlights by leaving the paper well enough alone?

  3. Cara-
    NO on the gouache...although I intend to pick up some today. I've been wanting to work with gouache and watercolors. Usually I'll add some acrylics to a piece.

    For highlights I do leave areas of paper untouched. Then make them pop with adding some translucent white watercolor. (Or acrylics, but there are no acrylics on this piece)

    ON this piece I did the entire piece in the background wash. This way the tone would be in the areas left alone.


  4. It is at times like this that I usually cast a spell to be adopted or apprenticed to the maker of such a superb creation -- and to have cans of Creme de Pirouline chocolate hazelnut wafers fall out of the sky and into my pantry by the dozens -- but alas, I am not up to par and so must simply gaze in amazement with a wee bit jealousy. Make that a big gob of jealousy...and not even a teeny morsel of cookie to be found in my pantry. Tis truly a new low for me. Mwah!

  5. WOW,you stole manager/spouse's pants. such braverism.

  6. Beautiful work, k! I'm glad you didn't listen to manager/spouse and shared it with us. Don't tell her I said that. =)

  7. I am glad you can't resist sharing or chocolate wafers. it means we have some more in common including ingnoring spouse occasionally :-) Great illustration :-)

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