Thursday, June 10, 2010

A time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

This past weekend Manager/spouse and I went to Orlando for childrens writers workshop- the SCBWI Florida Mid-Year Workshop. The workshop was held in Disney. It was an illuminating and productive time. I am looking forward to the next workshop.
We were given ham sandwiches for lunch. I had forgotten to get mine and I hope they will bring it for the next event.

Since Manager/spouse and I were already standing in Disney...why not have a look at the tremendous Star Wars party there? So we did. It was a great opportunity to get some pictures with a few of my favorite characters.

Here I am standing with my favorite- a stormtrooper. The costume was amazing as you can see.

Having my picture standing next to a Gamorrhean Guard was something I wouldn't believe as a kid. Now I have proof.

There Jawas everywhere. They were adorable. I had to have my picture standing next to one of these little buggers.

But, for me the best part of my weekend was finding the tiny, hidden Mexican taco stand. A place so remote and hidden that when I walk in...the locals question Manager/spouse cautiously- "who's the gringo?"
There is nothing like the authentic food and eating the way the indigenous folk do.
Manager/spouse and I are the real Anthony Bourdains and Andrew Zimmermans when it comes to traveling to find the good, authentic food and talking with people.

Tongue and pork tacos...brillant!



  1. SQUEE! I wish I could have my picture taken with a guard!!! *whine, whine, whine* I remember being more excited about seeing the Star Wars exhibit at the Nat. Air and Space Museum for my eighth grade trip more than anything else. Ah! The innocence.

  2. Wow! GReat pics! I love that Jawas wear black Reeboks.
    Tongue tacos??? gag! My mom used to cook tongue when I was a kid, no amount of gravy or sauce will make it appealing!

  3. Your foreshortened, khaki clad legs and sneakers are ultra-sexy, K; who knew such gorgeousness existed?!

  4. Tongue of what? actually I don't want to know :)
    Thought I'd drop by to say howaya chappynoodle.

  5. Woow that looks so much fun... I want to get out and join the costume party...

  6. Haha :) Cool pictures :) And you are lucky to be able to take such photographs. I am a fan of StarWars and I wish I was in your shoes :)