Monday, October 11, 2010

While the Manager/Spouse is away...

   It has been a long time coming, but I have finally written about the Manager/Spouse’s vacation that occurred a few months back.
Manager/Spouse returned to her home country, (a vibrant and exciting Central American Nation), for a week and left me Stateside. So I will summarize that week in a few pictures and some commentary.

In case anyone doesn’t remember- here is the Manager/Spouse
(I’ve added in the stink lines. As an artist I appreciate the aesthete that well placed stink lines or a mustache can add to any photo. My school books in Grade School and High School were full of artistic license).

Speaking of me…
This was me before the shackles of marriage to the creature above.
Of course I have changed after marriage to the Manager/Spouse. I smoke cigars now.
I suppose in all fairness I should mention that the Manager/Spouse has changed a lot too.
                                                                           (see below)

Ok, now back to the Manager/Spouse’s idyllic holiday...
When Manager/Spouse’s “flight” arrived, (She flew in on el Gallo del Aire),

safely she was off to the Airport shops to pick up some “touristy stuff” for folks back home. (see below)

(Due to security concerns I had to block the storekeeper’s face because they were also the pilot and baggage handler…and taxi driver. Manager/Spouse brought home for me one of her countries delicacies from this shop. It is called a “Lawn Canapé”  )

   As you travel thoughout the city, also known as the "the little City that never sleeps" named after her sister city N.Y.C., you'll be surprised that traffic is almost non-existent! People are leave their transportation to roam free.

Traveling around the city you'll find that despite it's nickname- "the Little City that Never Sleeps" , it is a very sedate and relaxing place to be. IN fact people often just lie down to take a siesta anytime they'd like! 

There is a wonderul theme park to visit while in town. They boast the largest Corrugated Aluminum Water Flume and the popular Hammock Rocker!

This is the City Hall. It is the oldest architecure in the city. It has been there since May.

Manager/Spouse was lucky to run into the Mayor! She asked him for an autograph for her American husband back in the States.


But, no city is without its rough characters and neighborhhoods. Crime is not looked upon lightly in her home town. The jail in town has some pretty tough hombres there.

 I should mention the jungles down there are particularly dangerous.
Some of the World's deadliest animals live there and they lurk in the dense foliage ready to pounce.  

What I personally love about Spanish TV down there is how it takes popular American shows and changes them! Even a children's show can look quite different in translation!

And what I most admire about Manager/Spouse’s people is the fierce pride they show for their country. Women there often cluster, (a group of Lantinas is called a Pride. Like lions, but with more sassy attitudes and junk in the trunk), in groups to ride around on colorful parade floats with flags and banners on them all day; just to go shopping at the local botanica to pick up papusas and religious candles! No El Salvadorian house is complete without papusas, religious candles and a loud radio.

And for the women down in that exciting Central American country…everyday there is just casual attire. How great is that for the girl on the go?

And in the end, are Latina women so different than American women?


Ah, I failed to mention what I did for the long week I was left on my own while the Manager/spouse was away...

I took the opportunity to focuse on my writing, my art and smoking some of these-

with some fellow cigar lovers…


  1. One of these days, K, you are going to wake up with manager/spouse drawing stink lines around the chalk outline of your (mostly dead) body while she chortles along with us over your wonderful silliness. BTW, what flavor of "lawn canapes" did she get you? I've never tried any, personally, but I hear the plantain and coconut don't smell too bad. Mwah!

  2. The Mistress deserves a medal. Seriously. (you scamp. you need a renaissance cap with that outfit. if it's you. which i don't know, because i don't trust you a whit)

    The teletubby dude is going to give me nightmares. So are the brazilian chicks in bikinis. (and no, i am not referring to any nationality)

    And Monica Lewinski loved a good cigar, too ;]

  3. Ah! Ashton VSGs! A lovely aroma (compared to the Romeo y Juliettas one of my customers smoked daily when I worked a cigar/pipe shop.)
    Does anyone else see the skull in the smoke of the last picture? Hmmm...

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