Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Children's Books...

   I am at the laptop everyday working on my manuscript for a children’s book. The keys are popping at a steady rhythm and I have a cigar perched at hand; lusty swirls of truculent smoke shaped like gargoyles and ghosts fade away. And I come up with ideas for many other Children’s books. Not wanting to be anymore distracted from my current project, I jot down some notes and a title for the new inspirations. Some are keepers others are rejected.

Here are some of my rejected title ideas for Children’s books-

(1) Sleep Over Fun: Walking On Hot Coals and Tribal Scarring

(2) Vegetables Are Death!

(3) Smell This!

(4) Sushi Jewelry: Making Mom An Earring With A Fish Hook And A Raw Oyster

(5) Parasites and Pajamas

(6) Gay-dar Alert! 

(7) The Complete Jane Austen With Emoticons

(8) Mom vs. Dad, the Cialis Monster

(9) The Rules for Table Top Scab Hockey

(10) Lights Out! -How I Got A Concussion When I Told Momma To “Talk To the Hand”

(11) OMG! My Sweater Was Inside Out When I Got Home! -The Text Messages from My Older Sister’s iPhone

(12) Diary of a Brooding kid with 100 rounds of 9mm ammo

(13) The Stick Shift -The Teenage Girl Driver’s Nightmare

(14) Superheroes Don’t Use Math

(15) What’s In The Medicine Cabinet?

(16) Easy Kill -Why Demons Hide In Your Bedroom



  1. I am verra verra skeered...and I likes it!

  2. I would read every one of these...but only if you illustrated them.

    Honestly I think Vegetables Are Death! sounds like a plausible sell.