Saturday, January 8, 2011

How a scribble becomes more than a scribble

    The other day I took the opportunity to actually stylishly handwrite a witty thank you letter to an editor-in-chief of a magazine. I had a bit of blank space on the bottom parchment and that bothered me. It needed some doodle or scribble.
   That of course meant I needed to pause and reflect and to idly scribble- which is really an excuse to have a cigar.

Of course! It hit me! What I wanted to create was a young woman with some ethnic gypsy features. (The Devil is in the details).

And there it was...
(click to see)


  1. i am fascinated by the drifting and rising smoke, and the delicate way she is fueling her cauldron.

    always magical, K.

  2. Lovely! What a nice touch for a thank-you letter :)

  3. Gee! If I could scribble like that! Your work is always so captivating.

  4. Thanks!
    I spend a lot of time looking at drifting smoke; coming from my cigars. Lots of things to see drifting in those swirls under the stars and moonlight while I sit in the dark.