Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An interview with EBSQ artist Kevin King

An interview with EBSQ artist Kevin King

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How long have you been creating?
In Dog Years it would be about 193 years now of creating. And, were I a cat, I would be 7 years old and would have been creating the entire time, except during the napping parts. But age, or years, is not what is really important. What are important is a healthy diet, exercise and not too many treats.

What’s your media of choice?
Being particularly lazy and fond of naps, I am indebted to pen and ink; simple, quick, and easy. Uncapping the pen I am off to the Land of Imagination, which is a lot like a Bark Park, but far less a chance of picking up ringworm.

What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?
I think I’ve mentioned the naps.

What are your motivations for creating?
The desire to create, the motivation to create is all instinct. It is like the call of the wild, a base primal desire, the kind of drive that propels you to chase and “get” the vacuum cleaner.

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